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A+ Limestone is designed around the use of the highest quality limestone available in Perth. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and as such we have the highest standards when choosing what products we work with.

Limestone is classified as an organic sedimentary rock because it contains dead organisms. When exposed to extreme heat and pressure, limestone transforms into metamorphic marble rock. Limestone is used to neutralise acids. Some limestones are formed by the cementation of sand or mud with calcite (clastic limestone) and have the appearance of sandstone or mudstone.

Limestone is a source of lime (calcium oxide), which is used in steel manufacturing, mining, paper production, water treatment and purification, and plastic production. Lime also has major applications in the manufacture of glass and in agriculture.

ITA Gold Limestone

Sagar Black Limestone

Tandur Grey Limestone

Lime Peacock Limestone

Fossil Gold Limestone

Yellow Limestone

Tandur Blue Limestone

Lime Pink Limestone

Kadappa Black Limestone

Lime Green Limestone

Kota Blue Limestone

French Vanilla Limestone

Black Magic Limestone

Lime Green Limestone

Kota Brown Limestone

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